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Fela M’tima Dunfee

Endometriosis Community Advocate Fela M'tima

Fela M’tima Dunfee is a writer and artist living in Chicago, IL. She was diagnosed at age 23 with Stage 4 Endometriosis. The disease had already spread to almost every organ and up to her diaphragm. Through being bed bound because of surgeries, trouble breathing, and chronic nerve pain in her right arm, she felt completely incapacitated. During that time, she co-founded Endotwins, an online resource for women with Endometriosis. As a writer, this gave her a feeling of purpose and fulfillment to help create and unite a community. Soon she began creating weekly newsletters filled with articles, interviews with other women, and sex tips.

After three years fighting to get a life back, Fela is still battling daily pelvic pain due to pelvic floor dysfunction and also dealing with new chronic pain symptoms such as widespread joint and nerve pain. To manage a multitude of symptoms she is in pelvic floor therapy and goes to a pain clinic with physical therapy and occupational therapy. Everyday she spends about an hour doing different forms of physical therapy, yoga, and stretches. Though she is still unable to work the jobs she could before, she continues to focus on keeping Endotwins as a resource while also working on a zines of her poetry focused on chronic pain.

She hopes to continue to use her art in any way possible to comfort women while they navigate a life with chronic pain. With a big emphasis on mental illness as well, she hopes she can help women feel less alone in their darkest times of battling a disease.

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