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Cervix Mystery Solved

I know, you see this title and think you are about to read some murder mystery story. And sorry to be so blunt, bu, that is exactly what it looks like whenever I go for my yearly. It always looks like a murder occurred in the exam room whenever I leave. For as long as I could remember, every time I would get examined, my cervix would burst and blood would pour everywhere. The response from my doctors? “Not sure why it does that, but it is perfectly normal.”

WHAT? Bleeding from my cervix like someone cut me open is “perfectly normal”? How? Why? It remained a mystery to me for years. No matter how many new doctors I saw and how many different exams I had done, they all would say the same thing, “Wow, your cervix is really bleeding, but it’s ok”. A part of me wanted to believe that maybe it was ok. I mean, the doctors truly did not seem concerned so why should I? But the other part of me knew something wasn’t right. Someone should not bleed that much after a simple pap smear.

Pain and bleeding after sex

I started to begin to notice that bleeding did not just occur after my pap smear. It started to occur after intercourse. Along with severe pain. I made an appointment with my gynecologist, in hopes that this time, they could help me. Before I could even explain what was going on, they were already assuming I had a sexually transmitted disease. That -clearly- was the only reason why I was bleeding and in pain. I already knew it was NOT any sort of transmitted disease, but I went along with the tests anyways. When the tests came back negative, they shrugged and said they did not know. Again, I was sent home with no answers.

Inflamed cervix

A few years had gone by and I was still having the same issue. Except this time, now my cervix was inflamed during my pap smears. It really was so astonishing to know that one of my lady parts was obviously not ok, and my gynecologist could do nothing or even tell me what was going on.

I began to worry thinking about all the what ifs. What if it is a tumor and cancer is forming? They always tell you to see a doctor and not google your symptoms, but at this point, google was more reliable than any doctors I was seeing. When I read that inflammation of the cervix was pretty common and was able to get an idea as to why it was happening, I found myself not worrying as much. The problem though, I was still bleeding.


It angers me how careless doctors can be during exams and checkups. The last few exams I have had involved a simple swipe for a sample and a “everything looks good”. I don’t really recall when my doctor stopped being so thorough with exams, but she did. She very quickly would check my breasts for lumps, missing a bump under my armpit I had for two years.

Within this last year, I moved, which required finding a new doctor. Last month, I had my first yearly appointment with her and I could tell from the moment I walked in, I was going to like her. As we sat there talking about myself and my medical history, I warned her that I would probably bleed pretty badly once she started the exam. She looked at me confused and asked why. As I began to tell her my doctors for years have told me it was normal, she stopped me. “Bleeding like that is not, by any means, normal”, she began. As I lay down, she began the exam right away. For the first time in all these years, I had a doctor shining a light down there, looking high and low for what could be causing all my problems.

She looked up at me and said, “Girl, you have a polyp on your cervix”. This. This was what I was looking for, for all these years. An answer. It made perfect sense as to why I had pain and why I bled every time something touched my cervix. She explained to me the polyp was growing there on my cervix and not only caused bleeding when touched, but could be causing the extra spotting and bleeding I see on a daily basis. She couldn’t believe after all these years doctors told me my bleeding cervix was normal, and never even looked to see if there was anything growing on it. We are not 100% sure if my endometriosis is what caused this to grow like it did, but it is definitely another unwanted guest on my lady parts.

Polyp removal

Luckily, polyp removal sounds simple. Just a quick snip and send off to be biopsied. Although it is very rare for polyps to be cancerous, I think I would feel much better knowing for sure. Given all my other health issues and not knowing how long that has been growing there. I have not yet made my appointment to get it removed, as I am waiting for a few more test results to come back. But I feel a sense of relief that I now know why my cervix leaves bloody messes.

It is important to make sure your voice is heard. Constant bleeding and pain is NOT normal, so stop letting doctors make you believe it is.

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