Confused and overwhelmed person floating in an endless sea of colorful supplements

Supplement Overload?

Nutritional supplements are incredibly appealing for their promise to naturally support our body in reaching our optimal health. Can they help to eliminate symptoms of a chronic illness like endometriosis? Yes? Then, I’m in!

BUT... it’s important to connect with a health care practitioner who can oversee what supplements you're taking – especially if you’re also taking prescription medication. So don’t dismiss that question that your clinician asks about what vitamins or supplements you’re taking. Loop them in! Start a conversation about what is best for your body.

Can’t reach your physician? At least, connect with a pharmacist who can look up potential contraindications. Supplements are good – and I take quite a few of them – just be sure to have a plan and direction with them. They’re not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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