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The Symptoms I Experience

When people hear that I have endometriosis, the “What are your symptoms?” question always comes up. Sometimes this question angers me, because it is usually followed with “I have painful periods too”.

I always wish I could just shake that person and get them to understand. Endometriosis is SO much more than just painful periods. But then I remember… Just a few short years ago, I too was oblivious to what endometriosis even was. This is the reason why I now speak up about it- to help educate others who just have no clue.

So, to those wondering what my symptoms are, I will tell you. But know, they are much more than painful periods and moody emotions. It is not just a bad period, and to be honest, most of these symptoms make it hard to function on a daily basis.


“Oh, so you’re just tired? Take a nap.” If only it was that easy. Fatigue is one of the symptoms I deal with the most. This feeling goes way beyond not getting enough rest. It isn’t your typical “I am tired because I stayed out all night” feeling either. This feeling is draining, so draining it hurts. Some days it feels as though I have heavy weights attached to my body and the simplest tasks are hard to do. It is like I am stuck in quicksand that just keeps trying to pull me in each time I try to climb out.


I have never been pregnant before, but from what I have seen on movies, I could only imagine the nausea I experience is like morning sickness… For 12 months out of the year. The feeling never actually goes away. It is a constant battle of what will cause me to feel nauseous today. Some days are easier than others to choke the feeling back.

Leg & pelvic pain

Imagine a bulldozer running over your legs, backing up, and then running them over again. Of course, I have never experienced being run over by a bulldozer, but could only imagine the pain is as extreme as what I experience. Most days, whether I am on my period or not, pain radiates from my pelvis, down the back of my thigh, and into my calves. There have many numerous times the pain causes my entire body to jolt, while walking, because it is so extreme.

Diarrhea & constipation

If I were to bring this topic up years ago, I would blush and actually probably not go into detail. However, since experiencing the worst symptoms of my life along with numerous colonoscopies, this topic is now a breeze to share. I no longer have normal bowel movements. I am either constipated and go days without any movement or, find myself huddled over on the toilet with diarrhea numerous times a day. And the pain accompanied with it is not pleasant. Most times, I am in tears, because it feels as though someone is squeezing my large and small intestines so tight along with stabbing them over and over with a sharp knife.


I stopped wearing jeans because my bloat is so bad most days that the feeling of clothes pressing on my body hurts me. This girl is now leggings, yoga pants, and jeggings only. Being bloated is just about an every day thing for me, and sometimes, it is so bad it has me clawing and grabbing at my body parts wishing they didn’t exist. Just because of how uncomfortable I feel.


You know as a kid, how you were told your periods will most likely last 7-10 days? Well mine last ALL month, EVERY month. Spotting, clotting, and just straight up blood are an everyday occurrence for me. It is safe to say I have ruined many pairs of underwear and I now, in fear, wear panty liners daily.

Dizzy spells and palpitations

“Will the stairs cause my heart to beat out of its chest today?” is not something I should be concerned about at the age of 30. I still don’t know if endometriosis is to blame, but my dizzy spells and heart issues did not begin until my other endometriosis symptoms started making their appearance. Just about every day, I have to grab onto something at some point, because I feel like passing out. And just about every day, I have to stop and try to take a deep breath because I am having trouble breathing. These symptoms will forever remain a mystery to me. Especially because doctors have told me they are normal.

A few other symptoms I experience are hot flashes, anxiety, depression, mood swings, painful sex, cramping, headaches, and pressure on my bladder. It is important to know that experiencing these symptoms does not technically mean you have endometriosis. However, it is important to still talk with your doctor about what could be causing them. Living in pain is not normal.

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