Community Conversations: Sex, Relationships, and Endometriosis

Last updated: May 2019

We know that romantic relationships and intimacy have a very real impact on emotional health. Share your story in our easy and anonymous polls, and raise your voice about what you want more of in the endo community!

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How has endometriosis affected your sex life?

Everyone's experience varies. Which topics would benefit you?

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Would you be interested in learning more about...(select all that apply)

Pain can be a real pain when it comes to sexual encounters.

Community Poll

Has pain gotten in the way of sex and intimacy?

Some folks might find it tough to navigate dating with endo. What’s it been like to date after diagnosis?

Community Poll

Has endometriosis affected your ability to start or maintain romantic relationships?

Everyone has a different relationship with their doctor, and docs have different comfort levels about sex and intimacy. Have you ever brought up the subject with your docs?

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Have you ever spoken with your healthcare team about endometriosis and your sexual health?

How does your partner handle any adjustments when it comes to your mutual sex life?

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For those with partners, has your partner been open to new approaches to sexuality since diagnosis?

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What's in your emergency endo kit?