A Couple’s Favorite Endo-Friendly Recipes and Meals

Jessica has endometriosis, and Chris is her partner. Together, they battle endometriosis as a team. Jessica and Chris are making use of the new recipes section of Endometriosis.net by posting their favorite endo-friendly recipes, and they discuss some of them below.

What do you mean by ‘endo-friendly’ recipes? Is there a specific endometriosis diet?

From Jess: Not exactly, no – there’s no one size fits all ‘endometriosis diet’ because every body is so different and endo presents so differently in all of us.

Having said that, I am trained in an anti-inflammatory diet that can benefit endometriosis patients, by reducing their levels of inflammation. Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease; It causes inflammation, creates its own inflammation, and inflammation is even involved in the development of the disease! Inflammation, especially when chronic, which is often the case with endo patients, causes heightened pain and so by adopting a healthy anti-inflammatory diet, we can reduce those levels.

The basics of an anti-inflammatory diet are lots of colourful vegetables, fruits (lower sugar is often recommended), healthy fats like avocado and olive oil, nuts and seeds, and organic protein, whether that’s from free range animal meat or legumes, pulses, etc. Gluten-free whole grains can also be beneficial, but again, this would depend on your body and your own reactions, as some of us can find whole grains aggravating and inflammatory.

We can then further tailor that diet by perhaps lowering or eliminating inflammatory foods, and adding in wonderful foods to further support our hormone and gut health.

How did you get started on your journey of managing endometriosis with food?

From Jess: It began when I was in between operations, with excruciating symptoms. I wouldn’t be having another surgery for at least six months to a year and I was actually overseas traveling at the time. So far, surgery, medication and hormones hadn’t work for me and I was desperate for a solution, so I started investigating alternative ways of managing and that’s when I stumbled across eating for endo.

From Chris: Yea, it kind of began with things that probably weren’t ideal in terms of an endo-diet, but were definitely less refined and less processed. The country we were in had loads of healthy food options and a really great exchange rate for GBP, so we were able to experiment with lots of different foods and eat really well. This gave us ownership of our diets, and the initial relief Jess saw from her endo symptoms made it a no-brainer to continue eating that way.

What are some of your favorite endo-friendly foods?

From Jess: At the moment I am obsessed with making sugar-free, nut-based ice creams! I’m hoping to release a couple of those soon. I also love creating endo-friendly bakes, and shared my brownie recipe recently. For every day meals, you can check out my book where I have 28 different recipes!

From Chris: Yeah, we’ve been experimenting lots with sugar-free foods at the moment as we both have a bit of a sweet tooth, but sugar is a big trigger for Jess’ pain - baking with inulin syrup instead of maple syrup has been life changing! We’ve also got a pretty great cauliflower-base pizza recipe which I love, and some great saucy pasta dishes with gluten-free pasta and cashew instead of dairy in the sauce.

I think we eat similar to most people, but have gotten good at making substitutions, and making our own versions of things.

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