Endometriosis & Infertility

Endometriosis does not automatically cause infertility in everyone who has it. There are some women who have endometriosis who can defeat the odds and conceive, some naturally and some with fertility drugs. But, there are other women who cannot conceive due to the endometriosis, even if they spend tons of money on in vitro fertilization. It can be a complicated matter for everyone involved, and definitely an emotional roller coaster. To show how confusing it can be, my biological mother had two children with endometriosis. One of her daughters had two children (despite PCOS) and the other daughter has struggled with stage four endometriosis.

When other people just don't understand

There are so many people in our lives who flat out do not understand that some women cannot conceive. I have known since I was a young sixteen-year-old girl that I would have an extremely hard time when it came to being able to get pregnant, even with assistance. As I aged, my condition continued to get worse. If (major if) I were able to conceive with in vitro fertilization, there were no guarantees that both me and the baby would make it to term. Now I have been educated with this information for years, but it does not make it any easier to deal with the other people who are in my life or pass through my life who are incapable of understanding that not all women can conceive. This did not stop my grandmother from constantly reminding me that I needed children of my own because I need somebody to take care of me when I get old. Adding to that frustration, I had a sister-in-law for several years who would bring up my husband and I having kids every single time I saw her, regardless of how many times we told her that I could not have kids.

My perspective

Prior to our actual first date, I made sure that my now husband knew that I could not have my own kids. He already had children from a previous marriage, so he was perfectly fine with the fact that I could not have children. Now, I am not a heartless person- I occasionally get baby fever, but after babysitting, that is normally fixed for me. There are plenty of nieces to spare as well and we now have two from his brother living right next door and they are my sweet little things, to say the least. I personally do not resent that I have not had my own children, while I know other women who feel drastically different in their own situation. My mother’s cousin went through round after round of in vitro fertilization and was still unable to conceive. She eventually adopted so that she could start her family with a child in it.


It is hard to get people to understand to leave some things alone, if you decide to tell them the reasons why or why not. As you can tell for me, the people in my life know what the reason was, and that did not stop them from harassing me about having kids of my own.

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