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The Struggle to Find a New Specialist

I have a long painful history with endometriosis. My battle started when I was about 14 or so. It took a ton of gynecologists before we were able to find a team that would treat a teenager with endometriosis, because back then, most doctors did not believe that teenagers could have endometriosis. Don't worry, though, today the world has come much further in this understanding, and doctors know that children as young as 8 years old can have endometriosis! It is definitely an encouraging thing to see how far the medical community has come since back, when I was trying to be diagnosed and treated.

I thought I found new specialist...

The first appointment went over very well. She seemed to understand the medications that I was on and the severity of my stage four endometriosis. She filled the prescriptions from my old specialist. Since I had just had my well-woman appointment, we scheduled a six month follow-up, but if an issue came up, I was welcome to come in sooner. But when I had bad abdominal pain in June, she could not see me for almost two weeks. The pain was so bad that we ended up going to the emergency room.

Then again, maybe not

When I finally got to see the specialist, I was still in pain and done with the treatment from the emergency room. Despite the emergency room treatment not fixing my issue, she decided to utilize the same exact treatment plan that the emergency room did. Somehow, magically. it was going to work the second time, when it did not work the first time!?! Yet, when it did not work, instead of seeing me again or trying something else, she had the nurse suggest that I go to pain management. There are no words more frustrating to me than a doctor suggesting that I go see a pain management doctor. Especially when my endometriosis has been under control for years.

Still looking

I now have an appointment scheduled with a different doctor, based off a recommendation from my old specialist. Hopefully, he is better handling endo issues. Until the appointment with him, I am doing my best to deal with these current symptoms, and unfortunately, the pain. It definitely has me worried, because I have dealt with pain in the past thinking ‘Oh, it was just the endometriosis pain’ and it ended up being more serious of an issue. I don't want to re-do that experience at all.

Up to par

I never hesitate to evaluate my doctors’ performance. We pay our doctors for a service, no different than if you were going to get your nails done. In this instance, if the doctor is not treating you up to par, then find a new doctor. Different doctors have different ideas and different methods of treating their patients. It's important for you to find one that you are comfortable with how they treat you and your health.

How has your experience been with finding a good specialist?

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