Endometriosis, I Am Thankful For You

I know what you are thinking: "WHAT? How can this girl be thankful for having endometriosis?" This illness is certainly not easy to deal with. It truly is a daily struggle, fight, and battle, even on the good days. The agony and exhaustion that comes with it can make it hard to want to even find an ounce of gratitude. But I would be lying if I said endometriosis didn't bring good things into my life.

While practicing gratitude daily won't get rid of my endometriosis, it has certainly helped changed my mindset towards it all. And with Thanksgiving just behind us, I thought I would share a few things endometriosis has made me grateful for.

Connected me to many amazing individuals

I cannot thank endometriosis enough for bringing so many amazing women into my life. Since my official diagnosis in 2017, I have met so many strong warriors, both in person and online, who have all become such amazing friends. So many other women out there are fighting this fight and I am honored to fight this fight along side them.  And what I think is the absolute coolest thing ever is, I have friends from all over the world. Without endometriosis, I would probably have never connected with these individuals across the world.

Learning to listen to my body

I am thankful that endometriosis has taught me to listen to my body. This could be as simple as listening when a certain food makes me sick, to just being able to remind myself that I need to rest. Before having an official chronic illness diagnosis, I certainly never listened to any signs my body was giving me that I needed rest or that I needed to make certain changes.

Being more aware of what goes into my body

I am thankful endometriosis has taught me to look at every little thing I put into my body. This can be exhausting at times, reading labels over and over, but it has helped me better understand what my body can and can't handle. I have discovered that removing different foods, has helped make me feel less junky. Before becoming aware of this, I would eat anything I wanted and just assumed that feeling crappy right after was all just part of it.

Finding my strength

I am thankful for endometriosis teaching me just how strong I am - emotionally, mentally, and physically. Even on those days I feel weak, I know I have what it takes to get through it. Living with this illness is certainly one of the hardest things I am learning to overcome, but remembering my strength gets me through each day. I will not allow this illness to rule my life and it has taught me that I am more than capable of facing all my problems and that it is ok to take them all one day at a time.

Guiding me to new opportunities

I am thankful endometriosis led me to where I am now. While I had other plans for my life, I couldn't be any happier with where I am right this very second. Endometriosis has opened up doors, jobs, opportunities I never would have ever thought about. It has led me to find my passion and do the things I love to do.

Become an advocate for not only myself, but others too

I am thankful endometriosis chose me so that  I can help raise awareness and be there for others suffering. I have always loved helping others. Endometriosis has given me a purpose to be able to do this. I have learned to not only advocate for others, but for myself as well. To keep on fighting and educating!

Love my body

I am thankful that endometriosis has taught me to love my body. While loving my body isn't always easy, I have learned to stop being so angry at it. My body is doing the best it can everyday. It's not my bodies fault or my fault that we are dealing with endometriosis. Hating my body will not make endometriosis go away or the pain stop, so learning to be gentle with myself is something I am so thankful for.

Appreciate life + show more compassion

Lastly, I am thankful for endometriosis teaching me to appreciate life more. I no longer take things for granted and I hold close everything I do have in my life. Life is too short. Endometriosis has taught me to appreciate even the smallest moments.  I have also learned to show more compassion towards others. You just don't know what others are dealing with daily. Living with an invisible illness has proved that.

Has endometriosis made you thankful for anything?

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