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A Christmas Wish

I want to tell you all a story today. A story about a man and a lady and how they both made a very special wish…

Once upon a time

…There was a very handsome and funny man. And one day, a lady came along and she fell very much in love with him. They lived their lives and made lots of wonderful memories together. But, there was something that troubled the lady.

An aggressive beast!

For a long time before meeting the man, she had harbored a big horrible, nasty beast called endometriosis! A somewhat unique name for such a beast, but beastly none the less!

The beast had decided that it wanted to control the lady’s life in every way it could. It started out by hurting her a little bit, then a little bit more, then a lot more. Sometimes, the beast would make the lady cry and she couldn’t do anything but curl in to a tight ball and hope that it all went away.

The lady tried everything to get rid of the beast. She asked people to help her but no one knew where the beast came from or how to get rid of it. They gave her magical sweeties that dulled the ferocious beast, but it always came back. And sometimes, the sweeties made it even angrier!

The beast got uglier as time went on. It didn’t like the lady enjoying her life as a young lady should. It stopped her from leaving the house, seeing her friends, and made her give up her work. It took away everything it could and life felt hopeless.

Love is all you need

But, beyond all the grief the beast was causing, the man and the lady had one another. They loved each other so much, that they found they had too much love and they decided to give that extra love to someone else. A baby of their own.

The beast didn’t like this idea. A baby would only take the attention the beast craved away from it! And so, it did everything in it’s power to stop them having a baby! Years passed, and the lady was so full of sadness that it plopped out of her eyeballs in a continuous stream of tears. The man tried to help her but the beast was relentless.

Wishing on a star

One day, when the beast had been particularly cruel, the man and the lady looked up at the stars and made a wish. They wished with all their hearts for the beast to let them have their baby.

The stars twinkled brightly and sprinkled magic down upon them. Under the eye of a microscope, a baby was created, and, despite the beast trying everything it could to put a stop to it all, the baby was strong as strong can be. The beast finally cowered away and admitted defeat.

And on one very cold snowy Christmas Eve, the man and the lady finally held all their hopes and dreams in their arms. A beautiful baby boy.

And the beast? Well, it’s still up to it’s old dirty tricks. But Endometriosis will never win!

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