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The Three Books That Have Helped Me Live Well with Endometriosis

When I was first diagnosed with endometriosis, I pushed it right under the carpet of my mind. As far as I was concerned, it was something that was to be ignored and not discussed. I wasn’t told that it was a condition that could affect me for the rest of my life, or that it might need constant management.

So when it came back 18 months after my first surgery, I was floored. I was so taken back by the sudden pain, that I didn’t even think about it being the return of endometriosis. It was only when the pain continued and elevated, cycle by cycle, did I recognize the pattern. I was so far beyond prepared that I allowed the doctor to dismiss me again, telling me to come back when the pain was ‘excruciating’. I actually had no real understanding of the variety and vastness of the symptoms, the nature of endometriosis or indeed, how to manage it.

Once I reached desperation due to the lack of medical support, I took matters into my own hands and decided to educate myself. So rather than you having to wait until the point of desperation as I did, I hope that sharing the three books that have helped me most will help you on your own journey.

Take Control of Your Endometriosis

This was the first endometriosis related book I ever read, and it completely changed my life. This book, written by a nutritional therapist, takes you through the science of endometriosis in a clear and simple way. It then follows with the different nutritional and lifestyle choices, which can impact the disease for better or worse. The book is full of scientific research and evidence-based information, so you know you are making changes that are safe. The changes I made brought about an end to living in fear of my period pain and helped me to live pain-free once again.

Code Red

This guide to the menstrual cycle was my first real dive into understanding the nature of our inner seasons and how the female body changes in a cyclic pattern every month. It taught me how to work with my body and not against it, and did wonders for healing my relationship with my body and for helping me to see the wisdom and benefits of my cyclic nature.


So much of my endometriosis management has been about damage control; essentially reducing inflammation to reduce pain levels, and it’s worked beautifully. Yet, if I take my foot off the pedal, it all comes rushing back again and the other symptoms such as fatigue and hormonal depression are always close behind me. WomanCode has shown me how to bring my hormones into balance, and has taught me the incredible ways in which hormones are pivotal to our health and wellbeing, and why it’s so important to keep them balanced. WomanCode really has been key to helping me feel ‘normal’ again.

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