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Endometriosis and the COVID Vaccination

Those who received a COVID-19 vaccine, did you notice your cycle changed at all after receiving it? If so, how did it change?

Based on how the COVID vaccine affected your endo symptoms/cycle, do you plan to get a 3rd shot?

  1. i am keeping an eye others experienced with Covid vax because i did my research and it didnt look good for me. I have high bloid pressure and severe endo. I had hysterectomy and one ovaty removed. I would like to know anyone with the same condition had covid 19 vax? How are they?

    1. Hi , thank you so much for reaching out. This is definitely something we are getting asked a lot lately. It's honestly tough to answer this as everyone's experience, we have been finding, has been so different from one another. Some of those in the community have received the vaccine and have had little to no flare from it at all and some have experienced some varying degree of cycle change or flare up with their endo symptoms. The best bet will always be to discuss it with your physician and share your concerns with them. I am going to link a few things here where we asked the community about any experiences they've had with the vaccine. Please feel free to read through the comments there and reach out to those that have answered as well to hopefully get more insight to your question. I really hope this helps dear, .

      Sending lots of love to you!! πŸ’›πŸ’›

  2. Hi ,
    I personally did not have any changes when I got either of my vaccine shots. My symptoms are acting the same as they have been for the past 7ish years. Although notably I also had zero side effects from both shots, when many of my peers and folks in the same age group as me were reporting at least 1. I don't know what that means, if anything, but I hope this is helpful to you. As I seem to get sick really easily and have members of my family who are immunocompromised, I do plan to get a booster.

    1. Hi !! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! It's fascinating how vastly different everyone's experience has been. Hearing everyone's stories is absolutely helpful to not only us but also community members that might be looking for more information. Thank you again!! πŸ’›

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