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Does anyone experience difficulty walking with endometriosis?

I am 26 years old and I’m soon to get laparoscopy surgery to determine if I have endometriosis or not. I am reaching out to see if anyone can relate to my story For four years I have suffered with excruciating pain in my pelvis. Walking, sleeping, driving and any general movement becomes unbearably painful but also sometimes as if my head and leg is no longer connected. When I tell my leg to move the reaction time is slow. I’ve gotten scans, many MRI, physio and many dr appointments and now I’m waiting to see if it is endometriosis I have. The pain worsens two weeks before my period and also two weeks after. My cycle is long and irregular so I usually have 1-3 weeks with less pain. But sometimes it doesn’t stop continuously for months. It feels like how people describe sciatica. Sharp, shock like pain that travels down legs and up spine. This pain prevents me from living a normal life.

I am young and used to be a dancer but now walk like I need a walking aid, I need assistance getting out of bed sometimes and exercise is Not imaginable. Coughing, sneezing and laughing send shocks to the pain. I finally want to be able to discover the cause for my pain so I can therefore treat it effectively.

Can any of you relate to this kind of pain? Other symptoms include extremely heavy and painful periods that cause nausea, extreme mood swings, dropped foot, painful gas, swollen abdomen on same side to pelvis pain

  1. Hi there . Firstly, we want to thank you for sharing your story with us and for being here in this community. We are so sorry you are dealing with such pain and symptoms. I do think many can relate to your story, including myself. Before my endometriosis, I was getting those horrible pelvic pains that shot down my leg. I would be at the store and have to just stop walking and almost fall to the ground because it hurt so badly. When I had surgery, it did indeed end up being endometriosis, along with hernias causing so much pain to my pelvic region. Since the removal of the hernias, it has helped tremendously. Of course we are not medical professionals so I cannot say you definitely have endometriosis, but I think it is a good thing you are going for surgery to check. Your symptoms are certainly identical to what I was experiencing. Here is a short article about laparoscopy you may find helpful as you prepare for your surgery Do keep us posted on how it all goes! We are here sending good thoughts and prayers they are able to help you find relief and answers. And if you have any questions leading up to surgery, after surgery or just need to chat- we are here! So reach out anytime. Big hugs <3 -Kimberli (Team member)

    1. Hello I understand some of what you are going through with your possible endometriosis. I was a dancer as well prior to my endometriosis becoming too severe. While I never returned to dancing, I hope you are able to after you improve (positive thinking!). I know it may seem scary, but having a lap done is most likely the best option for you. This will allow your doctor to see what is going on inside of you and also give him the ability to remove adhesions etc. We do have several articles on laparoscopic surgery. You can do a search and pull up articles on the surgery and even recovery tips.
      I hope you are able to find many answers and helpful information within the community.
      - Amanda ( team member)

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